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About Us » Cosmetology School of Arts and Sciences. in Burley, ID

The Cosmetology School of Arts and Sciences. has been established since 1999. It is owned and operated by LaDonn Goodfellow and Ronda Clark. It is located in a rural area surrounded by mountains and the Snake River.

There are lots of recreational activities to enjoy, such as snowmobiling, snow skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, horse back riding, boating, and simply enjoying the atmosphere of a small town. Burley is also known for the Boat Regatta where people come from all over the United States to participate in the racing on the Snake River.

We are proud to bring our exclusive Cosmetology School to the community, and provide students the opportunity to get their education in Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Esthetics, and Student Instructor. It also allows us to provide services to the community at discounted prices. All services are done by students under the supervision of qualified Instructors.

We are proud of our school and the success of our students. We look forward to another great and successful year.


Staff and Titles

Our school is owned and operated by: LaDonn Goodfellow and Ronda Clark

Financial - Administrative Director LaDonn Goodfellow
Education- Administrative Director Ronda Clark
Financial Aid Directors Loni Statham, and Kelsey Hall


LaDonn Goodfellow, Ronda Clark, Amber Eggleston, Jessica Clark, Sarah Jane Rich, Kelsey Hall, and Tori Goodfellow.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Cosmetology School of Arts and Sciences. is to provide students with a quality education that will prepare them for entry-level positions in commercial beauty salons. We will attain this by instructing students in the basic course of Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Esthetics and Student Instructor. It is the goal of the school that the students learn the necessary skills and knowledge of all the areas of Cosmetology needed to successfully pass the State of Idaho Licensing examinations.

The school will demonstrate and test on each chapter in the Milady's textbook along with the Idaho State Laws of Cosmetology governing the cosmetology profession, to ensure that each student will be given the opportunity to learn so they may be successful in gaining employment in the Cosmetology Field.

The school will strive to maintain a successful business while providing a quality education using the most practically sound educational tools.


The State of Idaho Licensing Exam is given in the English language only, therefore our curriculm is only taught in English.


We observe the following holidays:

New Year's Labor Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day Christmas

Enrollment and Admissions

Orientation will be held on the first Tuesday of every month. Classes beginning on the first Wednesday of every month. Registration can be done beforehand or on the same day as orientation.

To be admitted as a student all applicants must:

  • Submit a completed application form.
  • Pay a $100.00 non - refundable enrollment/drug test fee
  • Provide a copy of their high school diploma, GED (high school equivalent).
  • Provide proof of age, birth certificate or Drivers License.

As a Student Instructor:

  • All of the above.
  • Provide a copy of Cosmetology license.
  • Provide information on eligibility of needing the 500 or 1000-hour course pursuant to Idaho state laws

Pell Grants and Student Loans

Title IV Federal Pell Grants and Direct Student Loans are available to qualified students based on financial need. The free Pell Grant FAFSA applications are available at the school office. These can be filled out in person or electronically on the Web. Please see our links page for the fafsa website. Our school code is #038432. For help with the FAFSA you can contact Kelsey Hall,our Financial Aid Officer at our school.


Once a person has been accepted as a student of our school he/she will sign a contract with payment terms and rules and regulations of the school. This is a legal and binding contract. Contract overages will be required to pay a daily fee for any additional instruction.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

The Cosmetology School of Arts and Sciences. practices no discrimination based on gender/sex, age, financial status, religion, and race/color, ethnic origin or sexual preference.

Credit and Transfer Students

Our Cosmetology School will accept transfer students from another school with proper documentation. We reserve the right to test the students for proper placement in the course. This could also warrant additional money per hour if we feel the extra hours are needed.

However, we do not recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering a similar program of study.

Grading System

The Cosmetology School, in order to receive the Title IV Pell Grants, requires a minimum of 75% in all areas: attendance and academic in order to be considered making Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Institutionally Approved Leave of Absence

An enrolled student will be allowed to take an approved leave of absence, as long as it falls within the schools parameters.

Any student who fails to show up for school without an approved leave of absence, for more then 14 consecutive days pursuant to Federal Law will be terminated and re-admission will be at the discretion of the school.

Tuition and Fees

The School will include a copy of the tuition, fees and payment terms along with the application in this packet.

Courses Offered at the Cosmetology School

Cosmetology 1600 hours
Nail Technology 400 hours Nail Technology 600 hours
Esthetician 600 hours
Instructor Training 500 hours Instructor Training 1000 hours

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the Cosmetology School you must complete the required hours for the given course along with the schools required curriculum and pass the final examination. School requirements are listed in our student catalog and will be discussed during orientation.

*When a student meets all the requirements of the school they will be issued a diploma of graduation. At that time you will be eligible to apply for the State of Idaho's licensing exam.

Refund Policy

View refund policy here.

State Licensing Requirements

After completion of each course, in order to obtain a license you will be required to submit an application to the State with the appropriate exam and licensing fee.
The address is :
Idaho State Board of Cosmetology
Bureau of Occupational Licenses
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0063

Please check our links page for IBOL website For all the given courses:

Practical Examination Fee: $124.00
Written Exam Fee: $62.00

The State of Idaho License fee is:

Cosmetology $25.00
Nail Technology $25.00
Esthetics Fee $25.00
Instructors $35.00



The Cosmetology School of Arts and Sciences. is a great school. It helped me become a successful Cosmetologist and a great Instructor! "Jessica"


Cutting and styling hair is what I am good at and enjoy doing. Coming to this Cosmetology School has been a fun experience, getting to know clients and students with bubbly personalities is alot of fun. "Brittney"


My favorite thing to do in school is nails. I can be as creative as I want to. " Kristina" I don't get nails often, but when I do it's a nice change. I love white tips, they look great! "Codi"


I enjoy giving people pedicures, because it gives me a chance to get to know that person. "Kris"


"Cosmetology is a great choice for a career.It is something that you will be able to do no matter where you go. Its fun and your always learning new things and meeting new people. I enjoy being able to make people feel better about the way they look and giving them the strengh to go out and face the world and be confident while doing so! " Rowdy Greene


I love doing hair color, you can mix and match and see what you come up with. I gives you a chance to experiment so you know what to expect while your working with color. "Codi" I love getting my hair colored. It's always fun to try a new color. It's fun to have change. "Jakie"


As an esthetician (skin care specialist) you provide preventative care for skin and offer treatments to keep skin healthy and attractive. You are given the opportunity to help people that have problems with acne prone skin, aging skin, or even just being pro active and keeping the skin beautiful. Also, you can exercise your creative abilities that are very rewarding. This is a very exciting and wide open field to enter into at this time. "Elle"


Cosmetology is a very wide open career for anyone who loves to do hair, nails, facials, waxes and alot more. Just follow your heart and desires to pursue your dreams. I have learned alot in the cosmetology field for the year I have attended. Cosmetology is for people who like to meet new people. One benefit is when you graduate you can make your own hours so you can work as little or as much as you want or open your own salon and create your own buisness. "Karla"


I have learned so much from this school, the instructers are always willing to help you when ever you need them! I have had alot of fun here. "Stephanie"


In the Basics room, I'm making the mannequin "look good". Just wait till I get to work on real people. "Celeste"


I enjoy coming to cosmetology school, Ive learned and experienced something new everyday. It's a joy to see what different things I have to each day. "Mary Lou"