Student Salon Services

Cosmetology School of Arts & Sciences provides elite salon services for a reduced cost to our customers. All services are provided by students and supervised by qualified and licensed instructors.


We offer any type of haircut for men, women, and kids. Each haircut includes a shampoo and blow dry. We also offer other options including bangs and beard trims.

All Hair cuts : Includes a shampoo and blow dry $10.00
Hair Cut Day Special: Wednesday $5.00
Bang Trim $5.00
Beard Trim $5.00
Hair Cut with Beard Trim $13.00
Hair Cut with Shampoo & Set $13.00

All perm services include a haircut, and you can get large waves, medium curls, or tight spirals.

Neckline (Short Hair) $25.00
Shoulder (Medium Length) $35.00
Mid Back (Long Length) $40.00
Lower Back (Extra Long Length) $45.00
Partial Perm (Per Rod) $2.00
Chemical Hair Straightening $25.00
Extra Solution (Per Bottle) $6.00
Shampoo Set after a perm $6.00Extra
Color Services

Cosmetology School of Arts and Sciences provides color and lightening  services, which include all-over color to make your hair darker or bleaching your hair for a lighter or bold color.

Short Hair Highlight $35.00
Medium Hair Highlight $45.00
Long Hair Highlight $50.00
Each Additional Color $10.00
Individual Foils $5.00
Men’s All Over Color $20.00
Men’s Tips $15.00
All Over Color $20.00
Specialty Color Quote Only
All Over Lightener $25.00
Toner Application $15.00
** These are the START AT prices: Prices will increase depending on the amount of product, and the number of colors that are used.
Creative Styles

From a shampoo set to up-dos and conditioning treatments, we offer great prices on our creative hair styles.

Shampoo Set $8.00
Shampoo Wash & Dry $3.00
Basic Style $8.00
Formal Up-Do $15.00
Conditioning Treatment $12.00
Scalp Treatment $7.00
Braids & Extensions

Get longer hair or cool braids instantly with our extensions and braid services

Corn Row Braiding $15.00 Hourly
Braided Extensions $175.00
All Over Box Braids $10.00 Hourly
Regular Braid $3.00
Colored Beaded Extensions $5.00 Hourly
Beaded Extensions $55.00
Tape-In Hair Extension Application $55.00
Artificial Dread Application $100.00
Dread Start / Maintenance $15.00 Hourly
** The school does not supply any hair for hair extensions.
** You need to provide your own hair, prices are for the cost of installation only.
Nail Care

From simple cleaning, filing, and polishing to nail art and nail repair, we offer several nail care services for reasonable prices.

Basic Manicure $10.00
Basic Pedicure $20.00
Gel Polish Pedicure $25.00
Nail/Toe Nail Polish Application $5.00
Basic Nail Clipping $5.00
Add Shellac to a Nail Service $5.00
Custom Full Set or Fill (Nails or Toes) $25.00
Nail Fix (Per Nail) $4.00
Nail Soak Off $8.00
Skin Care

Get a facial, scalp treatment, or makeup application to make your skin look your best, improve the health of your hair, and highlight your best features. We also offer hot stone massages (available alone or with any facial).

Make Up Application $6.00
Basic Facial $17.00
Back Facial $20.00
Machine Facial $20.00
Acne Facial $20.00
High Frequency Scalp Treatment $5.00 Extra
Collagen, DNA, or Elastin Treatment $12.00 Extra
Enzyme Peel $7.00 Extra
Lactic Acid Peel $25.00 Extra
Jesner Peel $25.00 Extra
Microdermabrasion $25.00
Body Wrap $25.00
Microneedling $25.00
Dermaplaining $25.00

Remove unwanted hair from most areas of your body quickly and leave skin smooth with our waxing services.

Eyebrow Wax $5.00
Lip Wax $5.00
Chin Wax $5.00
Full Face Wax $15.00
Armpit Wax $10.00
Lash & Brow
Eye Lash Tint $10.00
Eyebrow Tint $10.00
Eyebrow & Lash Tint $15.00
Eye Lash Lift $25.00
Clean, Comb, & Set a Hair Piece $6.00
Comb a Hair Piece $5.00
Clean a Hair Piece $4.00
Color a Hair Piece (1 Tube) $20.00
Additional Tube of Hair Color $10.00
Clean, Comb, & Set a Hair Piece $6.00
Comb a Hair Piece $5.00
Clean a Hair Piece $4.00
Color a Hair Piece (1 Tube) $20.00
Additional Tube of Hair Color $10.00

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